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Sharing inspiration, wisdom and joy to help you set aside stress and anxiety, and experience the peace and joy of connecting with your higher self.

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Sometimes we just need a little reminder, an uplifting article or video, a little tip to boost our energy. Or even just a good laugh or a friendly smile. To brighten our day.

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Why reinvent the wheel? Or waste your time? Explore our carefully curated teachings from the best Eastern and Western saints and sages adapted for modern life.

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We all want to avoid suffering and find happiness. But the joy of spirit goes far beyond worldly happiness and pleasure. Discover the joy within you.

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I am so glad I subscribed. I am trying to explore a new journey in my life and this helps so much. Thank you for this magazine.


Helps keep me focused on the spiritual aspect of my life. Nice informative articles, well thought out. Highly recommend this magazine who is interested in keeping their spiritual life strong


This magazine more than fulfills its intention of satisfying body, mind, and spirit… and their integration. It is packed with quality content; it is easy to read; it is enjoyable. I recommend it!


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