Issue 10 – The Cosmic Mother and the Divine Feminine

by on May 1, 2014

Spiritual Life Magazine Issue 10 Cover


In honor of Mother’s Day, this issue of Practical Spiritual Life Magazine is devoted to the feminine aspect of the Divine and to its manifestation in women:

  • Musings from Nayaswami Kamala
  • Devotion by Swami Kriyananda, Affirmations for Self-Healing
  • The Cosmic Mother – One Aspect of God by Paramhansa Yogananda
  • In the Temple of the ER by Nayaswami Rambhakta
  • The New Feminine Wave by Carolyn Gervais
  • Love by Chris Roe
  • How to Unleash Your Creative Energy by Discovering Invisible Dimensions in Art by Jacqueline Ripstein
  • The Magical World of Numbers – The Explosive Month of May by Elizabeth Summer
  • Why I Meditate – Listening to the Needs of the Plants
  • Daily Meditations & Affirmations by Paramhansa Yogananda
  • 8 Steps to Communicating with Your Own Higher Intelligence by Patrick Stoeckmann
  • How to Make Your Heart and Your Mind Work Together by Jonathan Mead
  • A Guide to Practical Compassion by Leo Babauta
  • How to Be a Great Mom – 12 Awesome Tips by Vered DeLeeuw
  • The Bee of My Mind Loves to Drink from the Blue Lotus of Thy Feet by Paramhansa Yogananda

Kamala’s Musings

Our little human minds and hearts have a difficult time relating to abstract ideas like an infinite, eternal, formless Spirit. It becomes too intellectual and dry without the sweetness of the natural love of the heart. So relating to the “Heavenly Father” or “Divine Mother” is very helpful in forming a personal relationship with Spirit.

“Mother” and “Father” are, in fact, only words and the Spirit isn’t male or female. But what we mean is that there is a force in the universe that we can experience inside ourselves, and this force feels like someone who always loves us, whom we can trust completely, who accepts us completely for who we are, and who is always on our side. When we try to describe what that force is like, we arrive at the image of a mother, because that vibration is saturated with unconditional love.

So in honor of Mother’s Day, this issue is devoted to the feminine aspect of the Divine and to its manifestation in women. And, of course, men can also express this energy as in Nayaswami Rambhakta’s article about the gangbanger. I hope you enjoy it.

With Joy and Blessings,
Nayaswami Kamala
Creator and Founder, Practical Spiritual Life Magazine

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