Issue 18 – Success, Energy and Habits

by on January 1, 2015

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In this issue of Practical Spiritual Life Magazine you’ll find:

New Year, New Start
Success in all aspects of our lives, both spiritual and material, depends primarily on our ability to create and maintain good habits. Like reincarnating into a new life, we especially feel we can start over at the New Year. But we don’t have to wait, now is the best time to forget the past and make a fresh start.
Editor’s Note – Welcome from Nayaswami Kamala
Are the Struggles of Life Getting to You?
Video: Guided Affirmation by Paramhansa Yogananda
With the opening of the New Year
Poem – Affirmation
The Amazing Subconscious Mind: Friend or Foe?
The greatest obstacle to spiritual progress is the subconscious mind. But with the right training, it can become our greatest friend.
Affirmation and Prayer for Self-Healing
Transforming Patterns of Energy – Understanding the Chakras
In this video, Nayaswami Asha explains how we can change our lives and ourselves by understanding and harmonizing the energy in our chakras.
Keys to Spiritual Progress—A Checklist
How To Attract Good Luck
Consciousness Creates Reality
Physicists Admit The Universe Is Immaterial, Mental & Spiritual
Demand to Be Freed from Self-Created Evil Habits and Temptations

Kamala’s Musings

Hello and Welcome to this issue.

First, I want to thank you for your support of Practical Spiritual Life Magazine. It’s a very great blessing for me to be able to share these teachings with you. They’ve helped me tremendously in my own life and I’m sure they’ll make a difference in yours too.

I never imagined that my childhood dream of being a writer and publisher would come true, but thanks to all of you it has. It just goes to show that it’s never too late to make a childhood dream come true. Now I’m going to work on my next dream of becoming a meditation teacher. More on that later.

Which brings us to our topics for this month—Success, Energy and Habits. Our success both materially and spiritually depends on the energy we put out which creates our spiritual magnetism that attracts or creates whatever we need for happiness and well-being. And this depends on our daily actions, habits, and rituals. Actions we do every day are much more powerful than an occasional huge burst of effort.

We usually think of forming new habits and resolutions for New Years. Alas, they’re usually forgotten by March. So for this issue, we’re going to do something different and focus on starting again now. Now is the best time to apply these principles to make us happier and more successful in our lives.

I hope you enjoy this issue.

With joy and blessings,
Nayaswami Kamala
Creator and Founder, Practical Spiritual Life Magazine

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