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Issue 45 – God as Father; God as Mother: How To Have a Closer Relationship with the Divine

by on May 12, 2017

Spiritual Life Magazine Issue 45 Cover

How to Have a Closer Relationship with the Divine

Many people long for a closer connection with something beyond their little selves, something higher, transcendent. But the human mind finds it difficult to imagine and the human heart finds it difficult to love a vast, infinite Being. By relating to the Divine in a way closer to our human experience, we can have a deeper, more fulfilling experience.

In this issue of Spiritual Life Magazine you’ll find:

  • God as Father; God as Mother: How To Have a Closer Relationship with the Divine
  • Music Video: Come Out Of The Silent Sky
  • 8 Steps To Communicating With Your Own Higher Intelligence
  • God-Remembrance: Affirmation and Prayer for Self-Healing
  • How to Make Your Heart and Your Mind Work Together
  • 12 Awesome Tips for Being a Great Mom
  • How To Be a Dad Today: Offer Words of Affirmation
  • The Science of Mastering Sleep
  • The Bee of My Mind Loves to Drink from the Blue Lotus of Thy Feet

Kamala’s Musings

The Indian scriptures say that human beings can experience God in eight ways: peace, calmness, love, joy, power, wisdom, light and sound.

Typically, love is associated with the feminine and wisdom with the masculine. This has nothing to do with gender. Certainly there are wise women and loving men. It’s about the two opposing energies in the duality of creation, and how we relate to them and manifest them in ourselves.

A teacher once told me that all our human relationships are just practice for our relationship with the divine. Because an impersonal, infinite Being is difficult for us to imagine, much less love, we need to relate to God in a personal way. God is infinitely small, as well as infinitely large, and he will come to us, personally, in whatever way we desire. Some time-tested ways are as the heavenly father, as divine mother, as a friend, and as the beloved.

Paramhansa Yogananda recommended thinking of God as our Divine Mother, rather than the Heavenly Father because the mother is closer than the father. There is much more about this in our feature article, God as Father; God as Mother—How To Have a Closer Relationship With the Divine.

But it doesn’t matter what relationship you choose. Pick the one that feels most natural to you, that resonates most deeply in your heart. God doesn’t care. He/She only wants our love.

With love, light, and joy—from my heart to yours,
Nayaswami Kamala
Creator and Founder, Spiritual Life Magazine

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