issue 6 – Create Your Life

by on January 22, 2014

Spiritual Life Magazine Issue 6 Cover


Issue 6 of Practical Spiritual Life Magazine is a special report just for subscribers on creating the life you want:

  • Musings from Nayaswami Kamala
  • Tap Into Your Personal Power Source And Create The Life You Want
    1. Your Personal Power Source
    2. Law Of Attraction: Understanding the Impact Of Your thinking
    3. What Would You Do?
    4. Harness Your Power: Take Responsibility and Learn From Challenging Events
    5. Use Your Power to Adjust Your Situation
    6. Reconnect With Your Goals
    7. Summary
  • Action Guide
  • Workbook
  • Video: Guided Affirmation

Kamala’s Musings

Issue 6 of Practical Spiritual Life Magazine is a special bonus issue for subscribers to thank them for subscribing to Practical Spiritual Life. Their support and encouragement make all the work of creating the magazine worthwhile. I really appreciate all of you.

One of the first steps on the spiritual path is learning that you are responsible for your thoughts, feelings, and actions and to a large extend the situations in your life. Taking control and creating the life you want starts with giving up both blaming others and expecting them to make you happy and fulfilled.

If you’re interested in taking responsibility for your life, this bonus issue for subscribers contains a special report, action guide, and workbook, “Tap Into Your Personal Power Source And Create The Life You Want” that offers some help and tips.

Affirmations are one of our most powerful tools for changing our negativity into positive thoughts and actions that create the life we want. If you’ve never worked with affirmations, this issue ends with a video by Mary Kretzmann that both explains how to use affirmations and guides us through a very powerful one:

“I will with my own will, which flows from the Divine Will,
to be healthy, to be well,
to be prosperous and spiritual,
to be well, to be well.”

There’s no time like the present to discover your power source: taking responsibility for your life.

I hope you enjoy this issue.

With Joyful Blessings,
Nayaswami Kamala
Creator and Founder, Practical Spiritual Life Magazine

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